Repositioning Educational Leadership

Practitioners Leading from an Inquiry Stance

Repositioning Educational Leadership

Repositioning Educational Leadership
Practitioners Leading from an Inquiry Stance
Published by Teachers College Press
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“Strong leadership is the linchpin to a successful school district. To excel at any profession or vocation, the learning process, especially for leadership positions, should never stop. This book unpacks a smorgasbord of real-life work situations that will allow the reader to reflect on these experiences and extract the best practices of leadership. Any superintendent, district administrator, or building leader will find these narratives useful because they invite you to become, as explained in the book, ‘leaders of learning.’” 
Daniel A. Domenech, executive director, American Association of School Administrators

“To meet the learning needs of every child and close opportunity gaps, schools and school systems must be able to continuously learn and improve. Leaders need to see themselves as the lead learners, and the practitioner-authors in this book provide invaluable insights into what this complex work of leading from an inquiry stance looks like in different contexts.” 
Irma Zardoya, president & CEO, NYC Leadership Academy

“This book is a key contribution to the reinvention of the field of educational leadership, and it is crucial for preparing future leaders.”
Michael A. Copland, deputy superintendent, Bellingham (WA) Public Schools

This groundbreaking volume encourages today’s educational leaders to reposition the way they think about leadership and its challenges. Experienced school and district leaders reveal how they conceptualize their roles; how they learn by posing and solving problems of practice; and how they cope with increasing expectations and complexity in their work.

This compilation of compelling narratives demonstrates the power and efficacy of what can happen when school, district, and other educational leaders position themselves as inquirers, bringing forth broader social justice and equity implications. Readers see how leadership can illuminate and improve many aspects of institutional life and create intellectually demanding and rich learning environments for both adults and children. At its heart, Repositioning Educational Leadership is an invitation to practitioners and scholars to make space for new critical questions and perspectives. This book nurtures an expanded discourse about leadership, generated by leaders themselves, and arising from some of the most vexing and often invisible aspects of their important work.

Book Features:

  • Focuses on how taking an inquiry stance can shape the work of leaders as they address issues and challenges in day-to-day practice.
  • Offers an evidence-based approach to knowledge generation that is not only productive for the specific educational institutions involved but for the field more broadly.
  • Includes a range of compelling narratives that demonstrate the power and efficacy of repositioning educational leadership in a variety of roles and organizations.
  • Shares the experiences of educational leaders working across sectors in a wide variety of public, independent, charter, and private settings.
Paperback | 192 pages | $36.95 USD | 978-0807759226 | August 24, 2018